Wild forests in 360 degrees

  • Wild forests in 360°

    Immerse yourself in Germany’s wild forests

Wild forests – Germany’s fascinating diversity

It rustls and creaks, chirps and hums between young shoots and old tree giants. Wild forests are a treasure for our unique mushroom, plant and animal kingdom. Trees and plants can grow wherever and in whichever form. New habitats emerge where old trees fell over. One third of Germany is covered by forest. However, wilderness is extremely rare. Nevertheless, visiting these wild forests is an memorable experience.

Curious to explore wilderness? Join the wildereness drone Silva on its flight through wild mixed beech forests in Germany. 

Use your laptop or immerse yourself in the forest wilderness in 360° with the latest VR technology. What do you need? VR goggles or a cardboard: move your head and take control of what you want to discover in the wild forests.

Ready for wild forests in 360°?
A few tips before you get started:

Sound on

Turn on your speakers to listen to the sounds of the forest.

Smartphone & Cardboard

Place your smartphone in the Cardboard and press the „glasses“ icon at the bottom right corner of the video player. Hold the Cardboard in front of your eyes and off you go.

360° on your laptop

No Cardboard at hand? Watch the video on your laptop and navigate through the forest with the mouse cursor pressed.

Technical issues?

New technology has its downsides. If your video is halting or blurry, try loading the video longer or select a lower resolution.

Visit us on Youtube to watch the video with VR glasses or cardboard.

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